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Building Rules

Post  Emnesty(Panda) on Mon Oct 08, 2012 3:17 am

Considering the building rules are very vague i thought it would be good to put some in considering how easy it is to make unraidable bases

1. Limit of 2 fade doors Per base. (May have another fade door for a safe BUT it MUST be toggled.)
2. Bases only need on entrance (May block other entraces if needed)
3. Fading Doors need a limit of AT LEAST 5 seconds.
4. No One way bases (Where you can be shot from one side and the other person cannot shoot you), Example: Feet Hitboxing
5. Cannot use lamps For the intentions of lagging the person trying to raid you.
6. No building while you are being raided.
7. Raiding NLR is 10 minutes (After you have raided you must wait 10mins whether you succeeded or not)
8. No black room bases (Where you cannot tell where anything its just pitch black and you cannot see each individual prop.
9. Skybases are NOT permitted due to lag.
10. Keypads must be reasonably close to the door it fades
11. Fake keypads are not permitted (Should only 2 per fade door one to get in and one to get out.)
12. If admin or staff removes your keypads and or base you have 5-8mins to fix your base.
13. Prop mazes arent allowed (its only considered a prop maze IF it has a Dead end.)
14. Crouch bases arent allowed because the raiders head will stick out of the prop and you can kill them that way and they wont even have a chance to shoot you.. AKA one way base.

Ik these are kinda scattered around they could be in more of a order so if you actually wanted to use them you could organize them a bit
those are just some of the ones that i think NEED to be in the rules.


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