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Server Rules

Post  Emnesty( on Wed Oct 24, 2012 3:15 am

Considering how vague the server rules are i decided to make some idc if you use these or not its just a suggestion because people are always asking questions that nobody can answer cuz there are basically no rules

General Rules:

Don't propkill/surf

Don't prop block

Don't RDM (Random Death Match(Killing someone for no reason)

Respect NLR (If you die you may not return to the place of death for 2 minutes)

Do not job abuse (One example is going cop and dropping weapons and switching jobs again)

Respect FearRP (If someone threatens you with a gun you MUST comply)

Don't FailRP (Example: Mugging a hobo)

Don't Grief (Example buying grenades and nading a base and leaving with no intentions of raiding)

No flaming in OOC

Do not fade door abuse

Do not random demote someone from their job

Do not meta game

Do not prop spam

Do not mic spam

Must be over 14 years of age to use mic

Do not mic spam

Use common sense

Job Rules:


Do not Self Supply (Buying guns for only yourself)

You CANNOT base as gundealer

You MUST own a shop and sell guns

American Mafia:

Cannot base with Russian mafia, can base with anyone else

Is allowed to mug people (Max mug is $2,000)

Allowed to one man raid

Russian Mafia:

Cannot base with American Mafia, allowed to base with anyone else

Allowed to mug (Max mug is $2,000)

Allowed to one man raid

Black Market Dealer:

Cannot own a shop unless in a hidden place (Example Alley way)

Can be arrested for selling illegal items

Don't Self supply


Allowed to one man raid

Can base with anyone

Must have a base to raid


Allowed to one man raid

Can base with anyone

Must have a base to raid

Civil Protection:

Don't Random warrant

Don't Random arrest

Don't random weapon check (FailRP)

You can be a "dirty cop" but you must be bribed in some way to "look away" and not see what they are doing


Don't issue random warrants

Don't issue random lockdowns

Don't make ridiculous laws (Example: KOS for not using sidewalks)


Cannot raid

May own printers

Body Guard:

You MUST be payed in some way to be a guard

You have to do your job if you are payed


Hits must cost over $250

NO free hits

Don't RDM

Cannot raid unless you have to to complete your hit

When accepting and/or completing a hit you must have someway of telling everyone (Example: Adverting "Hit complete/accepted)


Can only own a pistol for a gun no heavy guns

Cannot have advanced technologies such as, keypads, fading doors, etc.

See bottom of jobs for more.

Jobs that cannot raid: Citizen, Hobo, Hitman (Unless to complete a hit), Any government job (CP, Mayor, Body guard, etc)

Jobs that can build in the street: Hobo

Building Rules:

Can have a maximum of 2 fading doors

No fake keypads

Keypads must have a hold length of at least 6 seconds

No one way bases (Where you can shoot the raider but they can't shoot you)

No feet hit boxing

No crouch bases (Mostly because you can shoot the raiders head while the raider can't shoot you)

Cannot use lamps in your base for the purpose of lagging the person/persons raiding you

Keypads must be reasonably close to the door it fades

Sky bases are not allowed due to lag

No black room bases (Where you used the debug material and use color to color it black)

Prop mazes are not allowed (It is only considered a prop maze if it has dead ends)

Just thought i would post these for something to do as the server is down and just cause the server rules are very vague again if you dont want to use them idc just a suggestion if you do though feel free to add whatever you want or to remove whatever you want


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