Admin Application #2

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Admin Application #2

Post  Shadow on Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:39 pm

In-Game Name:wodahs
- Reason(s)
I think i should be an admin, But i also think there should be a moderator position so that people cant just go right to admin and learn the ropes of having big powers on an rp powerss and how not to abuse them. Which brings the point into which I personally and mabe you might think i should be admin. Im a person who is willing to give people second chances but only based on players history and what evidence is against the player and depending on rules broken, But other then that i will choose to be a harsher admin and listen to both sides and use evidence once again to see who is right.. Also being admin isnt just a rank its a devotion to the rules meaning abusing isnt an option and not to be taken lightly. Also in me being an admin i wll choose to listen to both sides of the story and punish accordingly based on the circumstances. I will also read and review the rules often to check for changes and to make sure im meeting them. I know im fairly new to the server but i've been on other server and seen what it like some are abusive and over populated, But this serer is getting bigger and is well managed, I would love to be admin but if you dont see it fit for me then ill wait and then we'll see
- Have you been an admin for another community?
Yeah tons cant keep count
- Are you currently an admin for another community?
No most server are down and or have deranked me.. i have just gotten to start playing again Very Happy


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Re: Admin Application #2

Post  Gjest on Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:02 am



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