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Post  VisualDe on Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:38 pm

Your steam name: _VisuaDesigns
Admin's steam name:ReDeaD
Date of occurrence:25/08/2012
Witnesses: Proxxi and
(OOC) _VisualDesigns|OfficialEvicted: now your trying to be funny to cover the truth
OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: it takes 2 to start a fight m8
{ḯḠ}MR.Deagle{Ḑṍẇ} has been made a Gun Dealer!
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Hush.
(OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: is it cuz im right?
(OOC) Xtermin8er The Country Feller: lol?
(OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: you want to gag me again?
(OOC) _VisualDesigns|OfficialEvicted: I know exacty what you to are like beacause i had to people exact the same as you on Duplex called Roxi And Boom and they got demoted and perm banned
[Advert] [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Next one to try to start an arguement is getting gagged.
[Advert] [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Its getting annoying.
VisualDesigns|OfficialEvicted: LOL Abuse ^
(OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: Yes sir ! Wink
Your chat was muted by [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]
(OOC) {ḯḠ}MR.Deagle{Ḑṍẇ}: becuase i dont like him jk i dont know
(OOC) «uTL» Pierce: plz unmute him
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: I ade it clear that next person to start something is muted.
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: No
(OOC) «uTL» Pierce: Thats a bit abuse admin :V

Write a few sentences explaining what happened:
Well Talking about Who and what is a DDoS then he call my mate a Dipshit and then i said why he did that and he said because your getting annoying and thats disrespectful and then he picks me up with physgun and walk with me in his physgun telling me if i keep annoying him he wiill gag me then i told him that is abusive. then he said In Chat "Yep thats me Wink" ( somthing along the lines of that ) then he /adverts [Advert] [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Next one to try to start an arguement is getting gagged. so i Laughed saying that would be abusive to muste somone annoying you. then he mutes me. and my mate ( he didnt say anthing) then i tried /pming proxxi and i spelt it it worng like this /pm proxo Hello and then it said it in chat which then i laughed wow gag chat bypass. then ReDead kick me for exploiting i acidently found and then i join back as soon as i join back Your chat was muted by [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin] then i said in /pm 123 this is abus and then he bans me and mate and somone else 120 min ban for ( NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin] banned ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ for 120 minute(s) (Gag bypass,Mass Disrespect, Start arguements constantly).

Any other notes:

Thanks For if you read this also IMadeYouQuit Was Always Backing him up even when he was wrong fot abusing ...


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ReDead Abuser Empty More Abuse -_-

Post  Visual on Sat Aug 25, 2012 8:43 pm

(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Im rpetty sure you said no one likes me
Payday! You received $45!
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: I didnt say anything about you
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Have you not notice im not saying anything about you guys?
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Lol
(OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: Anymore..
(OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: you stopped as soon as tom came in
You're playing on NW GAMING/level mod, enjoy your stay!
Be Sure To Read The Rules And Check Out The Level Guide By Simply Saying !motd ~Tom Jones
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: I havnt been, i told you guys what i know, i didnt call you names
(OOC) _VisualDesigns|OfficialEvicted: Your the one calling me dumb and shit and abusing physgun and disrespecting em
[NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] removed silver_money_printer
[NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] removed ruby_money_printer
(OOC) _VisualDesigns|OfficialEvicted: No
Giving [NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] a weapon_real_cs_admin_weapon
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Tell me on thing i said
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Please
(OOC) ᴘʀᴏxɪɪ: your trying to make urself look good infront of the co owner when ur really abusive.
Giving [NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] a weapon_mad_c4
Giving [NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] a weapon_mad_charge
Giving [NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] a weapon_mad_charge
Giving [NW] Tom Jones [CoOwner] a weapon_mad_charge
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: I dont even think tom is on
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: you fucking dipshit.
(OOC) [NW] ReDeaD [SuperAdmin]: Oh yea he is

(OOC) _VisualDesigns|OfficialEvicted: Thankyou proxy you noticed


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ReDead Abuser Empty Re: ReDead Abuser

Post  redead on Sat Aug 25, 2012 10:42 pm

Already been handled. Thank you for posting though!


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