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Starblazer56's admin application Empty Starblazer56's admin application

Post  Starblazer56 on Sun Aug 26, 2012 4:28 pm

- In-Game Name: Starblazer56
- Reason(s) for wanting to be an admin: I want to help out this server and help make its community grow. I hate people minging RDMing NLRing and I can tell who is the one that needs to be punished. I play on this server all of the time with my friends.
- Have you been an admin for another community? I have been Co-Owner in 5 Minecraft servers, an Admin in a soldat server, and I am currently a co-owner in 1 Minecraft server.
- Are you currently an admin for another community? Yes
- How long have you been playing Gmod? 4 months but I am very familiar with the concept
- How long have you been playing on NW GAMING server? 4 days
- What do you think you can offer/bring to the admin community? I can make more players feel welcome and enjoy coming to the server. I will do my best to make the community grow and flourish in this server and as it is my first time being admin in Gmod (If I am accepted) I would like to learn and teach newer admins the rules and basics. I have great relationships with the admins and could definitely advertise this server to make it more popular for Donations, Players, Etc. Im trying to give out solutions to problems in the community. Very Happy


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