ReDeaD's Co-Owner Application

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ReDeaD's Co-Owner Application

Post  redead on Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:50 pm

- In-Game Name: ReDeaD
- Reason(s) for wanting to be a Co-Owner: I've played a long while and I've noticed the that the owners and co-owner don't have much time to be on much; therefore, I want to help decide who becomes admin, and help get stuff done quicker. I always wanted to be co-owner on Nogun's server and i think this would be the perfect time!
  • Zap community: Co-owner

  • Young Envision: Super Admin,Admin

  • Gods of Garrysmod: Co-owner

  • RIOT Servers: Admin

I have also been administrator on many more, but those were to long ago. I was also Admin on Nogun's old server.

- Are you currently an admin for another community? No, only NW.
- How long have you been playing Gmod? 3,233 hours
- How long have you been playing on NW GAMING server? 24 hours. More or less.
- What do you think you can offer/bring to the admin community? More security, More Administrator secruity, I will not allow abuse, I won't punish people for disrespecting me; i just let them have there fun. Make administrators better. I can code some things for you. I can make you have to do less work Nogun.

Your Superadmin,


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Re: ReDeaD's Co-Owner Application

Post  no gun no fun on Fri Aug 31, 2012 5:33 pm

no gun no fun
no gun no fun

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