Banning 3 Douches on our server

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Banning 3 Douches on our server

Post  Starblazer56 on Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:58 am

Your Steam Name: Starblazer56
Person You Want Banned:
Their SteamID:(s) I have them in the video listed below...
Explain why you would like the individual(s) stated aboved banned: They broke RDM over 3 times when playing with me and raided nonstop without waiting just to piss me off. They cursed and put adult themed pictures on walls. They also Constantly spawncamped RDMing me and became self supplying Dealers. Yes in the videos I did propblock talk back etc. this was to protect the player who is innocent inside. I absolutely hate seeing this and these children disrespecting. I have all 4 names SteamIDs footage of what they did and so on In my video listed below. Another thing is they broke the NLR rules Countless times and all were hitting me and killing me with no reason. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BAN THEM! (PERMANENTLY)
Screen Shots:Screenshots are on my public profile on steam. I felt it was a bit much to incorporate EVERYTHING into the video,
Any other evidence or notes: I have The witnesses old man Cyanide address me Bob and That is about it because this was late at night when the douchebags tend to get on. I really hope you guys will ban them permanently and I hope I have helped the server in doing so. Another thing is that turbo was banned apparently and I wish for him to be unbanned.

Video: http: //youtu .be/i9u9vuBJZN0 (Backspace the part just before the period and colon)

Please consider me for admin

-Starblazer56 Question


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Post  ClydeBuddy on Sun Sep 02, 2012 3:40 pm

This replay shows the before and I have pictures as well.

To play them hit SHIFT+F2
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