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Post  Gravity Catz on Wed Sep 05, 2012 11:50 pm

Your steam name: [NW] Ḡravity Catz™✔
Admin's steam name:[NW] Bob Franklen [Junior Admin]
Date of occurrence:9/5/2012
Write a few sentences explaining what happened: Bob tped to gage as an american mafia and then bob said he was going to need the money printers. While gage was explaining the situation Bob decided to leave. Today bob entered the server, I wanted to speak to him about this dwad followed along and so did gage, While we were talking to him about this he nocliped away in a hurry as a citizen. I tped to him a minute after he nocliped away I tped outside of the map. Dwad tried the same it happend to him too so its obivous he was trying to avoid us. So I brought him to me and gage was with me at the time so gage started argueing with bob. I told them to stop and then bob said to me and gage that he was reporting gage for "disrespect" and then told me that he was reporting me for tping him out of his "Base". Remember when me and dwad tried to tp to him he was out of the map avoiding us. He then left the game.
Any other notes: I did notice that he donated for this spot but maybe if you have the time try creating Tiers as in More money out of money printers,Custom Jobs and more XP.

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