Doggys admin application .

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Doggys admin application .

Post  woof dog on Mon Oct 01, 2012 12:35 am

- In-Game Name:Woof Woof Doggy
- Reason(s) for wanting to be an admin:i want to help the community grow and make it better so it can be more enjoyable for the players,and make sure rules aren't broken.
- Have you been an admin for another community?yes (L-G zombie rp)(B-R zombierp)(ByB RP)
- Are you currently an admin for another community?No
- How long have you been playing Gmod? 2103 hours
- How long have you been playing on NW GAMING server?about a couple of days
- What do you think you can offer/bring to the admin community?i can make sure the server is free from trouble makers,and help out late at night.I would help out and make the server better.this server has a nice layout and system and community,I would Love to help out in the community.

Thanks for reading this application Smile

woof dog

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