Xproplayer Ban Appeal

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Xproplayer Ban Appeal

Post  Xproplay on Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:19 pm

Your Steam Name: Xproplayer
Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:40782481
Admim Who Banned you: madeyouquitbich
Reason Admin Put For Ban: "prop surfing"
Why should you be unbanned: I wasn't prop surfing. This kid has a fucking base at spawn that is huge as fuck, floating base, no entrances. So I spawn a prop and hook up a hydraulic to it, i put down keypads at the bottom and top so its completely legit. I use the elevator to walk into his "base" and he fucking banns me for prop surfing, I would have said "i'm not prop surfing its a hydraulic", but he already had muted and gagged me because i was telling soblivious to stop begging for people to get his admin back who werent even there.
Was the ban abusive if so did you post an admin abuse report?: There are already tons of abuse reports on him, he was demoted thanks to thwhodinis post but was repromoted (why)
Any other notes: I can send anyone the picture of the base and the hole I used to get in, you can check logs and it will show I spawned a hydraulic, 2 keypads then banned.


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