Admin Application [Roger]

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Admin Application [Roger]

Post  mythix on Fri Sep 28, 2012 10:46 pm

- In-Game Name: Roger
- Reason(s) for wanting to be an admin: I notice a major absence in admins in my time zone, and I would like to fill in some of the gaps.
- Have you been an admin for another community? Yes, many. Many old, some recent, let me know if you need more info in this area.
- Are you currently an admin for another community? No, I am not.
- How long have you been playing Gmod? 4-5 years.
- How long have you been playing on NW GAMING server? Few weeks.
- What do you think you can offer/bring to the admin community? (next line)
I have been administrating for years on mostly RP servers. I am very chill and fair in decision making. I do my work to gather evidence and I never do anything unfair in judgement of a situation. I know when major punishments should be dealt and when they shouldn't. I'm also a pretty fun person and generally easy to get along with.


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