Revoked from Electro's Bad doing.

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Revoked from Electro's Bad doing. Empty Revoked from Electro's Bad doing.

Post  White Demon on Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:10 pm

I know this was months ago, but I'm still questioning this, but I was revoked by No Gun for Electro's admin abuse.

I sadly do no proof of this, but I will explain everything that happened.

I just became admin by no gun, and for fun I go raid Electro, and I stop to look around, and I see him noclip into his base. Shoot and kill me. I go report this to no gun and revokes me. This all the proof I got because this happened 2-3 months ago. I just want to ask, why was I revoked, and is there any way I can become an admin again?

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