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SobliviousMadeUQuit abusing Empty SobliviousMadeUQuit abusing

Post  thwhodini on Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:48 am

Your steam name: thwhodini
Admin's steam name: idk
Date of occurrence: august 27, 2012
check console for him random kicking/banning me(Tom pm me on steam if u want screenies)
Write a few sentences explaining what happened:
I was walking outside of my base with a prop in my phase gun i colored it to make it look like a money printer, he flys up to me and psyguns me away telling me to get rid of it, im like no its my prop im not hurting you. He comes back seconds later, remove now this is your last warning. I say no its my prop, there no rule for spawning a prop and holding it. I sat there spinning it in the air holding E and he bans/kicks me, idk which one for the reason "." Yes the reason was >.<. Wtf is this shit. also they abuse rag-dolled me in their prop blocked base which i have screenies on. Also they were basing with dwane or whatever his name is and they gave him material skin and spawned money printers and used their psy gun to put them on the wall. Since when can admins*2 admins btw* base with a player and give them special privledges? And this abusive kick/ban wtf is it about? Btw they abused rag-dolled me for a good 10+ mins i came back from bathroom to see them doing it, then i started spawning five-sevens to alert them.
Any other notes:
Admins prop blocking, admin psy gunning money printers to wall, random kick/ban*idk which one*, setting his friends to materialized skins, abuse rag-dolling, Abuse kicking Xpro, Abuse base removal, Abuse teleporting people into my base so they can raid.

Also MadeYouQuit kicked xproplayer for selling me guns when hes a gundealer, xpro was the only gun dealer and MadeUQuit kept saying he was self supplying,Which i payed for each shipment. After he kept saying that a guy tried raiding us and failed, he complained to madeuquit that he was self supplying for protecing our base and hes shooting at him with the gundealer job*like wtf how is this bad?* then quit teleports the guy into our base, with another admin and lets the kid flat out raid us. Takes all of our guns and shit and he doesn't do a thing. Then Quit kicked xpro for responding to him about his actions and he started using the *remover tool* to remove my base. (Tom pm me on steam for screenshots)


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