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Post  thwhodini on Sun Aug 26, 2012 11:38 pm

Your steam name: thwhodini
Admin's steam name: ReDead or something idk his steam.
Date of occurrence: 8/26/12
Witnesses: thwodini*me*
Write a few sentences explaining what happened:
I was building my base *building mode* and redead noclips into my props and uses his admin keycracker *in screenshot* and pops all my keypads on and he lets all of his friends get into my base and showing all the secrets. He then precede's to use an excuse of * you shouldn't have fake keypads* so they can raid me. I had around 6 keypads that were unused atm. After that I start to call him out on it, and he starts calling me dumb and saying *mad kid, mad bro* a lot*i'm no kit*. And he litterally says that keypad shit every time i respond to him, hes like 5. After he lets everyone into my base, and show's them all my secret props and hidden keypads, i remove my base to start over for his idiotcy, and he does that *RAGE YOU MAD????* *HES SO MAD* and its pathetic for him to sit on gmod and spam such a shitty cliche. Then he starts complaining because i have 5-15 keypads, and then calls me out for having retardedness after i respond to him??? This guy is a joke.
Any other notes:
Butthurt admin who is too clingy to the word youmad? and abusing admin powers when he isn't *Admin On Duty* to checkout my base with his friends.


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